HAPA (Magyar Aszfaltipari Egyesülés)

(Founded: 21 July 1992.)



The Hungarian Asphalt Pavement Association (HAPA), registered at the court of registration, is such a professional union, which includes the work of asphalt manufacturers and asphalt road builders as members, and people, who participate more extensively in asphalt road building as associated members.



The Asphalt Construction Enterprise and the Pavement Construction Enterprise were associate members of EAPA (European Asphalt Pavement Association) between 1974 and 1992.
HAPA is the regular member of EAPA since 1992.
The main governing agency of the HAPA is the Member’s Meeting.
The Supervisory Board provides lawful operation.
Director: Tibor Veress. 



Building asphalt roads, improving and maintaining the Hungarian asphalt industry’s clean and positive image;
Seeking cooperation with similar corporations and public institutions in order to improve the information of members, clients and operators;
Providing cooperation between the client organizations and the implementers in the frameworks of HAPA work teams, which are operating in order to discuss especially professional questions;
Operating as a non-governmental organization, but representing the members on an industrial level as a professional communicational centre;
Accumulating important basic data related to the statutes and decrees of the industry, taking the industry’s standpoint of the different topics into account;
Advocacy in the technical regulations related to asphalt road building;
Improvement, exchange of information and incitement of Research and Development including all the fields in the asphalt industry, carrying out joint tasks with the maximization and optimisation of resources;
Advertising asphalt for building and maintaining roads;
Providing high-quality production and incorporation of the asphalt;
Maintaining the environment-friendly image of asphalt. 



In order to achieve the most important objectives, the following activities are needed:
• Carrying out joint tasks;
• Regular discussions and meetings with Hungarian and European institutions;
• Work teams: At the moment the technological and technical work team, the bitumen and the additive work team, and the environment and health protection work team are its functioning teams.
• Publications: HAPA publishes news twice a year in its journal, “The Asphalt”, reporting the current position of the European asphalt industry;
• Organising conferences every year;
• Organising the “Young engineers’ forum” every year.
• Encouraging participation in Research and Development programmes;
• Participation in the work of CEN, promoting the European standardization activities;
• Participation in the EU HAPA activities’ corresponding commissions.

Proper evaluation. Performance stability evaluation and control of the construction products, as an appointed and registered organization. Certification of supervision of the asphalt mixing sites’ factory production control. 

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